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Country Reports

In the four country reports, you will find in-depth information about the pilot projects in each country. The country reports present the experiences of facilitators and participants with the VALUE CPD pathways.


Supporting the collaboration between ECEC core and assisting practitioners: endline report

In this VALUE endline report, the following question is examined: How can continuous professional development (CPD) strengthen professional identity, holistic approaches to educational work (educare) and cooperation between core and assisting practitioners working within the field of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)? This question is explored through pilot projects conducted by research groups located […]


Supporting the collaboration between ECEC core and Assisting practitioners: literature review

Why investing in professional development for the whole staff? What are the conditions to enable sustainable collaborative practice in ECEC teams? And what is the state of the art concerning the position and working conditions of assisting and core practitioners in the Early Childhood and Care systems in the VALUE countries? Find out more in […]

Proposal for key principles of a quality framework for early childhood education and care

Proposal for key principles of a Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care is the report of the Working Group on Early Childhood Education and Care under the auspices of the European Commission. The proposed Quality framework identifies 5 key components of a qualitative system: 1.       access to early childhood education and care, 2.       training and working […]

The portuguese pilots journey in the Value Seminar

At the seminar VALUE both groups of the portuguese pilot presented their training journey and commented on what was most significant to them.  EB1 / JI S.Domingos (Santarém):  − [The training journey was] based on what we are and know, always supported by the trainers.  − [Helped us] realize that in the center is the […]

Partnership meeting in Copenhagen

In September 2018 the pilot phase of the VALUE project started. In each country (Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia) the partners implemented the VALUE pathway in several pilot schools. In each school the whole team (teachers and assistants) is involved in a professional development pathway. Teachers and assistants reflect on their professional identity and their […]


Professional learning community as a path of continuous professional development of professionals

The aim of the VALUE initiative is to create a ‘path of continuous professional development (CPD) for all kindergarten professionals’, to improve collaboration between kindergarten teachers and kindergarten teachers’ assistants, and at the same time to recognize the diversity according to their background and experience. In this respect, the VALUE initiative aims to improve collaborative […]

Seminar “Building Collaborative Educational Teams”

As part of the project VALUE – Valuing Diversity in Care and Education, co-financed by the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission, the Aga Khan Portugal Foundation, in partnership with the School of Education of Santarém, held the Seminar “Building Collaborative Educational Teams” on May 11, at the Olivais Sul Children’s Center (CIOS). The […]

Partnership meeting in Ghent

In May 2018 the VALUE partners met in Ghent. The partners shared their knowledge, experiences and methodologies on professional development for ECEC professionals with each other. Educational Research Institute (Slovenia) shared their experience with building professional learning communities of schools: how to build these communities in a sustainable way? Aga Khan Foundation Portugal presented their […]