As part of the dissemination plan the VALUE consortium prioritize to produce, at the end of the project, a country factsheet which enables a broader view of the pilot, results and resources made available. Please find here the four factsheets.

This document is an advocacy tool to be disseminated at national and international level by all the partners in the consortium. It aims to call for action of policy makers and practitioners:

  • Informing, raising awareness and guiding policy change about the role of assistants & interprofessional practice within an educare approach.
  • Disseminating the VALUE´s outputs with the aim to ensure the results of the project will be made available, discussed, understood, and put into practice in other countries and localities.

The ambition of this roadmap is to inspire you, as a reader, to strengthen collaboration between assisting and core practitioners in ECEC. The underlying idea is that better collaboration strengthens individual practitioners and teams in addressing all aspects of children’s well-being, development and learning needs.

In order to strengthen collaboration between assisting and core practitioners, this roadmap presents both a framework and ideas to develop pathways for continuous professional development, engaging both assisting and core practitioners, as well as leaders.

The content in the roadmap is inspired by the experiments developed, tested and evaluated in pilot projects in different ECEC settings in four countries (Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia).  More precisely, the roadmap builds on the following background studies:

In the four country reports, you will find in-depth information about the pilot projects in each country. The country reports present the experiences of facilitators and participants with the VALUE CPD pathways.

In this VALUE endline report, the following question is examined: How can continuous professional development (CPD) strengthen professional identity, holistic approaches to educational work (educare) and cooperation between core and assisting practitioners working within the field of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)? This question is explored through pilot projects conducted by research groups located in four different countries (Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia). The report highlights the findings from the pilot projects in the four countries.

The report first presents the different VALUE pilot projects as snapshots from the four countries. It is then followed by a description of the overall lessons learned from the projects and the insights that emerged regarding important conditions at both policy and practice levels, which can be used as a framework for the future development of CPD at all levels of ECEC. Finally, we present our conclusions and make a number of recommendations based on the descriptions and examples in this VALUE endline report.

This report presents the results of the VALUE baseline survey conducted in pilot schools in each of the four participating countries (Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia) in the first phase of the VALUE project. The baseline study was conducted to give an impression of the context in which the VALUE pilot project was implemented. The baseline study contributes to the project’s knowledge base concerning the profiles of the participating professionals in the four countries. This baseline report is a description of the starting situation in the pilot schools regarding the contexts, facts and figures, and background information from managers about the staff. Also, managers and staff’s perceptions concerning the three VALUE key concepts are captured:

  • Understanding of one’s own/others’ professional identity;
  • Understanding of one’s own/others’ role and tasks in the context of an educare approach;
  • Awareness of the need for collaboration and a collaborative approach to address the diverse needs of children, families and local communities.

Finally, the baseline study identifies participants’ expectations regarding their participation in the VALUE project.

Why investing in professional development for the whole staff? What are the conditions to enable sustainable collaborative practice in ECEC teams? And what is the state of the art concerning the position and working conditions of assisting and core practitioners in the Early Childhood and Care systems in the VALUE countries?