As part of the project VALUE – Valuing Diversity in Care and Education, co-financed by the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission, the Aga Khan Portugal Foundation, in partnership with the School of Education of Santarém, held the Seminar “Building Collaborative Educational Teams” on May 11, at the Olivais Sul Children’s Center (CIOS).

The event included several moments for sharing experiences and acquired knowledge, ending at the Berardo Collection Museum with a cultural activity conducted by Elisa Marques, around two exhibitions: the temporary exhibition “FAUNA” by André Romão, and “THE WAITING – MOMENT SINGULAR “, an exhibition resulting from the work of a group of teachers and their students of Almeida Garrett Schools Grouping, within the framework of the course “Curatorship for Children – From Childhood to All”.

The VALUE project explores and creates possible links between professional development and adapted pathways that lead to the qualification of low-skilled professionals in the context of education and child care. It is an innovative approach, in which participants learn to reflect, to negotiate and to value diversity valuing their own diversity.

In Portugal, AKF and the School of Education of Santarém provided the training of assistants from two educational contexts: APISAL – Associação Pró-Infância de Santo António de Lisboa, and EB / JI S. Domingos in Santarém.

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