In September 2018 the pilot phase of the VALUE project started. In each country (Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia) the partners implemented the VALUE pathway in several pilot schools. In each school the whole team (teachers and assistants) is involved in a professional development pathway. Teachers and assistants reflect on their professional identity and their own pedagogical practice.  Besides, they share concrete ideas on how to improve the wellbeing and learning experience of children and families. Special attention is payed to how teachers and assistants collaborate to realize this.

In March 2019 the VALUE consortium met again in Copenhagen. During this meeting, the partners shared their experiences insofar. Some of the interesting questions we discussed: 

  • How to create a context in which each practitioner can express him/herself and explore and question his/her professional identity and practice?
  • How to create a process in which classical ideas about (the separation and/or hierarchy) of learning and care are questioned?
  • What role can parents and various practitioners play in this process to challenge the classical care and learning ideas?
  • How do the different staff profiles perceive their own professional identity (mother role vs. professional educator)?
  • If assistants have a lower qualification, are there initiatives/possibilities to participate in a qualification path?

In the next months we will continue to work with the pilot schools. From September on, the final evaluation of the pilots will start. Based on the experiences and findings, we will start with the development of policy recommendations and a training toolbox.

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