Assure timely coordination, effective management and quality processes and results within the project duration.


Deliverable 1: Agenda and minutes kick off meeting steering group
Agenda of kick off meeting February 2018
Report of kick-off meeting February 2018
Discussion text: Shared framework and central concepts
Presentation DPU: pilots and evaluation of pilots
Evaluation of pilots – Proposal
Roadmap: overview work packages
Presentation VBJK: working plan & management
Guidelines: financial rules and how to prove costs

Deliverable 2: Agenda and minutes second steering group meeting
Agenda steering group meeting May 2018
Minutes Steering Group May 2018

Deliverable 3: Agenda and minutes third steering group meeting
Agenda and minutes steering group March 2019
Program partnership meeting March 2019
Report partnership meeting March 2019
Presentation by DPU: Danish ECEC system
Presentation by DPU: findings baseline
Intermediate evaluation of the pilots: discussion questions
Presentation by ERI: update desk research
Presentation by DPU: evaluation of the pilots – next steps
Intermediate evaluation of the project implementation: discussion questions
Presentation by AKF: update dissemination plan

Deliverable 6: monitoring reports
Monitoring report 1 – September 2018
Monitoring report 2 – March 2019