ID of the school
Name of the School: Maria Boodschap
City: Antwerp
Country: Belgium (Flanders)
Number of pupils: 321 in the whole school (2.5-12), 143 pupils in pre-primary education (2.5-6)

The vision of the school
Maria Boodschap is an elementary school for children from 2,5 years old until 12.
Respect and tolerance are key words in the vision of the school.
Maria Boodschap is rich by diversity and offers equal education for everyone: Every child is welcome! And every child can shine!
The enthusiastic team beliefs that wellbeing and belonging of the children are very important to enable them to learn.

A multicultural school in a multicultural neighbourhood
The district of the school is called ‘Luchtbal’ and is situated in the northern part of the city of Antwerp. The neighbourhood of the school consists of social housing blocks and there are more than 40 nationalities living here. Important highways and railways are nearby, but they isolate this district from the rest of the city. There are not many facilities, commercial businesses or shops. The diversity of the people living here is reflected in the population of the school.

VALUE learning lab
In the leading team of the VALUE-project, the principal, the care-coordinator and the care-teacher of the school work together with Jo and Sabine (coaches of the VALUE project, working at Karel De Grote University college). 3 preschool teachers, the music teacher and gym teacher are also part of the project, next to the childcare worker (who works 9 hours per week in the school), and 4 volunteers who take care of the children before and after school time, during lunch break and when the children take a nap.
The diversity in the school, the values and ideas about working as a team make Maria Boodschap an interesting pilot for VALUE.

The dreams
The central aim of the VALUE-project is to create a strong vision on educare and make it happen in practice.