ID of the school

Name of the School: Basic School of S. Domingos – Alexandre Herculano School Cluster.

City: Santarém

Country: Portugal

Number of pupils: 192 in the whole school, 43 pupils in pre-primary education

The vision of the school

The Alexandre Herculano School Cluster aims develop productive citizens, who are able to choose, to progress in studies or to integrate into active life, for having attended a School where one learns to Learn, to do, to be and to be through Knowing.

Intends to be a vanguard and reference school, with dignified and publicized image, in which diverse literacies and intelligences are developed, as well as multiple competences, principles and values. A school that that gives educational and organizational answers, appropriate to each and every one in the scope of the various needs and rhythms of learning.  Its key values are linked with citizenship, freedom, solidarity, integrity, respect and acceptance of the other and their differences, on a basis of sustainability, responsibility and inclusion.

The school environment

The Basic Education School of S. Domingos (EB S.Domingos) was inaugurate in 2004 and belongs to the Alexandre Herculano School Cluster in Santarém. This EB is located in a peripheral area of the city of Santarém. In total, there are 7 elementary school classes, 2 Kindergarten groups and 1 multideficiency unit.

In the space of the establishment there are also: a library, gym, one expression room, cafeteria, practice rooms, multipurpose space and outdoor space for sports and recreation.

There are children of various nationalities, ethnicities and socioeconomic background. It can be consider a group characterized by a great diversity. About 3% of children do not speak portuguese at home. About 10% of children have educational needs. There are some children from families with low incomes.

Despite being part of a large school grouping, the EB is a small school unit where there are only two groups of pre-school education, with children from 3 to 6 years, in a total of 43 children and 5 assistants.

VALUE learning lab

In the preparation phase were involved the diretor, the institution pedagogical coordinator, all the assistants, the coordinator and the teachers. The CPD sessions were developed with five assistants and a final moment with the large group of staff.
The methodologies followed in the learnig lab are based on a participatory model that reinforces the awareness of learning in participation, by the children and professionals, from their own daily life and experience and also the base lines of the childhood pedagogy.
A curriculum plan was designed appropriately to the trainees profile and their context, based on a learner-centered approach. The main idea is to lead to the development of self-learning processes in educational cooperation, in which each person contributes with his own knowledge, in a plan of equity and through the development of partnerships.

Our expectations

Reach the aims of the VALUE project – developing a collaborative approach; valuing diversity; creating quality responses to diversity – echo the assistants’ expectations of developing team work improving the communication with children and families of diverse nationalities, developing sensitive and supportive interactions with the diverse children, as to create educare quality responses. Always respecting a participatory and ethical approach, which engaged all participants in shared dialogue, reflection and developing common understanding.