Lead country partner

AKF – Aga Khan Foundation Portugal

ESEIP – Escola Superior de Educação de Santarém

Project duration

January 2018 – November 2020

Keywords professional identity, educare, collaboration, continuous professional development

Associação Pró-Infância Santo António de Lisboa (Lisboa)


Non-profit school (IPSS) offering services of nursery (5 groups), pre-school (6 groups) and primary school (8 groups). In total there are 243 children in the pre-primary education and 200 in the primary education.

VALUE learning path Lisbon

  • 17 assisting practitioners
  • 11 nursery and preschool teachers
  • 1 pedagogical director
  • 1 school director
  • 2 coaches

The VALUE pathway consisted in a shared awareness and appreciation of each practitioner and her know-how; the development of teamwork as an everyday practice of practitioners and management; the development of communicative and interactive practices sensitive to the needs of care and learning of diverse children, families and communities. The meetings between core and assisting practitioners encouraged both the motivation and the perspective of a collaborative dialogue between the two professional groups.

Escola Básica São Domingos – Agrupamento de Escolas Alexandre Herculano (Santarém)


Belonging to the public educational network. In total there are 192 children divided in 7 primary education groups (149 children) and 2 pre-school groups (43 children).

Both schools are characterized by great social, cultural, and ethnic diversity in children and families, which mirrors the increasing diversity of the neighbourhoods of the school. However, this diversity is not represented in the core practitioners of the school teams and is scarcely represented in the assisting practitioners.

VALUE learning path Santarém

  • 11 assisting practitioners
  • 2 preschool teachers
  • 1 pedagogical coordinator
  • 2 coaches

The VALUE learning pathway reinforced the awareness of learning in participation, by both children and practitioners, from their own daily life and experience and, also, from the baselines of the childhood pedagogy (inclusion of diversity, collaboration, integration of care and learning). Staff meetings took place at the beginning and the end of the process, involving the core practitioners, the pedagogical coordinator, and the assisting practitioners.

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